Sher Thai Massage
Located in The Body/Mind Center
2528 I Street Sacramento, CA 95816
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Sherri Teshcher

Namaste and Welcome to Sher -Thai Massage!

Relieve Pain and Stiff Muscles!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could loosen up the tight muscles of your body while becoming more flexible?
The way to relax and turn off your mind while increasing your range of motion is through Thai Massage.
Thai Massage brings a sense of release and increases flexibilty to the areas that need it. Similar to a deep tissue
massage in that the muscles release tension, other benefits of having a Thai Massage are:

Pre-empting pain and soreness
Feeling supple and mobile
Creating the ability to relax

In a comfortable, clean and professional environment, Sher-Thai Massage provides you with a time that you
can experience a combination of relaxing moves and a strengthening of the muscles and areas that need
attention. With the stresses of today’s world, getting a Thai massage and maintaining your body is a necessity
and not a luxury.

With appointments lasting from 1 ½ hours to 3 hours long, the value for money is outstanding. Rates are
$120 for 1 ½ hour session and $150 for 2 hours. Longer sessions available request.

Please call (916) 803-8570 to book your appointment now or book online!

48 hour cancellation notice required: fee of session price is due on late cancellations. If you reschedule within two weeks of late cancellation, and honor our cancellation policy, that reschedule session will be 1/2 price.



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