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Located in The Body/Mind Center
2528 I Streett Sacramento, CA 95816
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“ I’ve done lots of traditional massage in the past, and Thai massage, to me it has both the benefits of traditional massage, which makes you feel better, mostly in the moment, but the way Sherri does Thai massage, not only helps you in the moment, but all through the week, in managing pain…By the time I leave, it’s like the tension that I’ve been carrying has been released. And it makes it easier to enter back into all that needs to be done the next day.”
- Lisa Culp

“Because I am active and I do work out…I stretch in between, yoga, pilates and hiking and gardening and all that kind of stuff. Depending on what I’ve been doing, especially gardening, I’ve got some aches and pains and I usually relay that to her and she addresses the actual session to my needs. I think she’s sensitive to energy. So that…when I want to relax and just be quiet, which is important for me, she’ll be quiet too.”
- Rhonda Uhlinger

“I’ve done table massage before, which felt great, but nothing compares to Sherri’s Thai Massage. It’s a great feeling that stays with you the entire day, and beyond…”
- James Simmons

“I’m addicted to SherThai massage! To spend an hour and a half getting bended and stretched and massage…it’s absolute luxury for me. I highly recommend her to anyone that loves traditional massage, but also recommend her for those that are timid about how traditional massage is carried out. It’s always a serene and refreshing experience with Sherri”
- Leslie Simmons

"I was training for my first Triathlon when I went to Sherri. My hip was hurting and training was tough, and I didn't want to give up. A friend of mine recommended Sherri and I am so happy that she did. Sherri does amazing work, after several sessions the pain went away. I was able to continue training and went on to finish my first Triathlon. Thai massage is both healing and relaxing and Sherri is amazing! I highly recommend her to everyone!"
- Melissa Mendoza

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